New! Online Course – ‘Painting from Found Images’

Starting on Wednesday 7th June and every Wednesday until 28th June (4 sessions) 6-8.30 pm  gmt (10am Pacific time)…

In this course we will be working from found imagery to create original oil paintings. Many artists use photography as their primary source, and in these classes we will consider how they have approached this and how we can mine the vast archive of C20th imagery in photography and film to inspire our own work.


We’ll approach color and composition in our own work by learning from the masterworks of other artists, both contemporary and historical.  There will be time in each session devoted to learning from other painters who use photography and film, and we will consider both the choosing of powerful imagery and the interpretation of it using colour, composition and brushwork.


What this course will cover:


  • Choosing powerful imagery from vintage film and photography.
  • Exploring playful ways to interpret images through drawing and painting
  • Using digital manipulation as an editing and composing tool
  • Exploring the psychological effects of composition and colour choices
  • Using simplified colour palettes to create atmosphere
  • Learning from other artists to inspire our choices
  • Examining ways to paint figures and faces


Students will be given lively exercises to follow, homework to complete and will be given feedback each week. Amy will demonstrate her approach to choosing imagery, using drawing and digital methods to compose, and starting a painting.


You’ll leave the workshop with a new confidence about making original choices and new ideas to use found imagery in your own painting.

This course is run by Winslow Art Center – click here to find out more and book.


WORKSHOPS at West Dean College

July 7-9th 2023

Following my classes – ‘Painting from Ancestral Photographs’ and ‘Figure and Fabric’,
I will be teaching at West Dean College July 7-9

See details and book your place here

Using your own family photographs, you will use exciting explorations in colour and composition to recreate cherished figures and faces from your past through drawing exercises, leading to an oil painting on canvas. The inspirational environment of West Dean College is a special experience and I can promise a memorable weekend!


Guest on John Dalton’s Art Podcast – Gently Does it


Episode 259

I was delighted to be asked to be a guest on John Dalton’s legendary podcast. He has interviewed many of the greats of contemporary figurative painting – including Nicolas Uribe, Colleen Barry and Ruprecht von Kaufman to name a few.

My episode clocks in at just over 2 hours and I talk about paint, inspiration, and my friendship with Lucian Freud!

Check it out wherever you listen to podcasts or  here 


Brighton Open Houses May 2023

It’s Open House time!

Best time of the year in Brighton and Hove for chats, art and nosing in folks homes…. and this year I am showing with two excellent ‘houses’ (although neither are actually houses)…

Cameron Contemporary Art, 2nd Avenue, Hove 
from 29th April, Weekends 11.00 – 17.00. Weekdays 10.30 – 17.00

The Study Gallery 3 Westbourne Grove, Hove BN3 5PJ
6,7,8,11,13,14,18,20,21,25,27,28th May. 11.00-17:00
I will be there on Sundays 21st and 28th.



Painting Cornelia Parker for the Tate

International Women’s Day, March 2021

Here’s how it came about….

I had been off work from my teaching job since October 2020 whilst getting treatment for breast cancer. For most of that time, England was in some stage of Covid lockdown, so I wasn’t alone in my confinement! My treatment was great, I was lucky to catch it early and for most of the time, I felt well and fine, but appreciated the time to rest and reflect – and would go for long walks around Hove and the South Downs with my friends to get out and talk. During this time I asked my friends to let me take a few photos of them and started making small portraits of them. This felt both therapeutic and celebratory – I was noticing these women in a deeper way and appreciating them with every brushstroke.