Gallery - Time + Place

New Work – Exhibition at Cameron Contemporary, Hove
March 4 – 20th 2022

Words by Louise Ramsay
It was the belief of the Efficarcerists that the photograph captured the soul. Batt was intrigued by this idea. He hoarded pictures. Filled shoe-boxes with his tormented prisoners. That is, until the thought of it tortured him. Until he couldn’t bear their screams, real or imagined, jostling for freedom at the bottom of his wardrobe. One night, he thought he heard a movement; cardboard shuffling across the laminate. The trapped sleeve of a coat in the wardrobe door offered a glimpse of the darkness inside. He had to release them, orthrow them away, or burn them. But perhaps they would return to haunt him. He reached under his bed. Blood rushed to his head as he dragged out his box of brushes. He would paint them, paint all of them a new picture. He would give them a new life, then see what would become of them.

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