New! Online Course – ‘Painting from Found Images’

Starting on Wednesday 7th June and every Wednesday until 28th June (4 sessions) 6-8.30 pm  gmt (10am Pacific time)…

In this course we will be working from found imagery to create original oil paintings. Many artists use photography as their primary source, and in these classes we will consider how they have approached this and how we can mine the vast archive of C20th imagery in photography and film to inspire our own work.


We’ll approach color and composition in our own work by learning from the masterworks of other artists, both contemporary and historical.  There will be time in each session devoted to learning from other painters who use photography and film, and we will consider both the choosing of powerful imagery and the interpretation of it using colour, composition and brushwork.


What this course will cover:


  • Choosing powerful imagery from vintage film and photography.
  • Exploring playful ways to interpret images through drawing and painting
  • Using digital manipulation as an editing and composing tool
  • Exploring the psychological effects of composition and colour choices
  • Using simplified colour palettes to create atmosphere
  • Learning from other artists to inspire our choices
  • Examining ways to paint figures and faces


Students will be given lively exercises to follow, homework to complete and will be given feedback each week. Amy will demonstrate her approach to choosing imagery, using drawing and digital methods to compose, and starting a painting.


You’ll leave the workshop with a new confidence about making original choices and new ideas to use found imagery in your own painting.

This course is run by Winslow Art Center – click here to find out more and book.